Lots of Windows 10 users really like to unwind and revel in their favorite games, but some of them reported particular difficulties while gaming. According to consumers, it appears that black pubs are appearing while they play games on Windows 10. This seems like an unusual issue, but let us see how to repair it.

The best way to Repair black pubs in Windows 10 games

Repair: Black boarders in games in Windows 10

Option 1 -- Remember to use the native resolution

As there are just two known formats, standard 4:3 and widescreen 18:6, we suggest that you adhere to your native resolution and display format. In so doing, you are going to prevent possible sidebars which generally happen if you use non-native resolution or format.

Here is the Way to confirm your native resolution is put to some arbitrary unfitting worth:

  • Right-click about the Desktop and open Display preferences.
  • Select the recommended resolution and ideology orientation.
  • Exit Settings and then restart your PC.

As soon as you're sure both of these are since they're supposed to be, the issue ought to be solved. But if the matter is persistent, be certain that you continue with the steps below.

Option 2 -- Assess the in-game settings

Aside from the system display settings, we suggest that you look at the in-game images settings menu. It appears that this problem appears just with specific games and it does not concern a lot of them. Counter-Strike is among those that have problems with black sidebars.

In there you should get the resolution and display orientation configurations. Ensure they resemble the ones in program settings. As soon as you're finished that, and the issue is still current, among the below-presented options should help you deal with it.

Option 3 -- Establish scaling to Fullscreen

If you are having black bars in Windows 10, you need to attempt and place scaling to Fullscreen. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows Key + S and input Control Panel. Pick Control Panel in the list of outcomes.

  • Visit Appearance and Personalization and select Adjust display resolution.

  • Change your resolution to a lesser one and click on Apply and OK.
  • Click Advanced configurations.

  • Visit Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel tab.
  • Find the Scaling setting and set it into Scale Fullscreen.
  • Click Apply and OK to store changes.
  • Change the resolution back to its initial value and click on Apply and OK to store changes.

This option applies to owners of Intel integrated graphics, but if you have some other integrated graphics card, then you must have similar choices.

Option 4 -- Use Ctrl+Alt+F11 shortcut

To be able to get rid of black bars in games, few users proposed using the Ctrl+Alt+F11 shortcut. In accordance with them, you merely have to press Ctrl+Alt+F11 while in the game and black bars need to disappear. We must point out that using this shortcut will change your desktop resolution, which means you're going to need to change it back once you are finished with your game.

Option 5 -- Run games in windowed fullscreen mode

  • Go to Control Panel and adjust the display resolution to 4:3 resolution.
  • Begin the game which has problems with black bars.
  • Visit video choices and change the mode to windowed fullscreen.

Though this workaround can assist you, you are going to need to alter the settlement to the initial value as soon as you're finished playing.

Option 6 -- Update your graphics card drivers

This dilemma can sometimes be linked to graphics card drivers, and also so as to solve this matter, it is advisable to upgrade your graphics card drivers. To be able to upgrade your drivers, go to your graphics card manufacturer's site, locate your graphics card model and then download the latest drivers for this.